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Ah-ha, you’ve found my nonchalantly placed page. You just had to click everything, didn’t you? Well, while you’re here, I might as well point out why this page exists. PORN! Well, no, not really, but I bet you really want to know now, don’t you? If you read the other pages, you probably read about my a space in time where I was doing something I really didn’t love near as much as art.

Did you know I host this site on one of my own servers, deep down in a co-location server space? The site, the template, and everything else, I have done all myself. Since I obviously still succumb to webhosting and site creation, I thought I would offer this service on the side to other artists. The reason being is I see lots of public domain sites used by artists. I want to offer the ability to have an awesome site, versus a “cookie cutter” site, with the ability to change colors.  Also, I have a DNS server as well, hence the @3desprit.com, and my site being 3desprit.com, instead of 3desprit.someothersitemakingmoneyoffme.com .

So, if you are an artist that wants a nice WordPress, Joomla, or any other blog/CMS site, I’ll be happy to help you make one that fits you, and of course migrate your existing site data over. We could do a pure PHP or HTML5 site as well, but that makes it hard for you, the artist, to customize the site if you want, but I can do that as well if you want. Anyways, I must digress.

Now you know what this page is about, and it will self-destruct in 10 seconds.  Actually, that’s a bad idea, I really don’t want to recreate this site every time someone finds this page.