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Hardware in Blender

The point of this document is to explain the purpose of hardware rendering within Blender, as well as where hardware comes into play when speeding up render times.


This was an article I added to the CGCookie Community, but since the Community was recently integrated into the site itself, and unable to preserve the old content I felt the need to preserve the post here. 

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Finally returning for 2017!

Hello everyone! You may have noticed, but things are starting to take a much nicer shape around here, and slowly getting rid of the stench of laziness w5gfbnm. I’m currently getting ready for the Christmas break to get some videos made for the new year. Thanks to the new changes of YouTube, and a huge thanks to all of you who have given great feedback as well as shared kind words through the comments,  I have been working very hard on revamping 3DEsprit.

At this very moment I’m working on a new logo, a much nicer Esprit, a whole plan for a new format of videos, as well as a stack of Blender and Krita courses to finish writing, recording, and editing! I have to say I cannot wait until I release these, especially the Krita 3 content. So get ready for things to become a lot better!

Thank you again!


3DEsprit : Where Have You Been? Are you Dead?

Anyone that has noticed a decline in content lately probably wonders, “What’s up?”. Well, at the start of the year, I started working on my Blender Application (I have yet to release details), and I have been working on it 80% of the time. With that, CGCookie, my day job, the kids, and family, you can imagine the lack of free time I have, because there really isn’t any at all. Even with the lack of time, I have been trying to get some new video releases ready to go out on a monthly basis. A matter of fact, the past week I have been working on getting both the 2.78 release video, and Grease Pencil 2.0 Tutorial ready!

After that, I will go right back into programming mode, while using some free time to finally finish the stupid Esprit Model. I cannot believe it is still on the site, and YouTube channel, as it is in no way a reflection of my skill, but a reflection of my complete laziness; a lot like the site’s CSS. So much to do! Regardless I’m sure it’s seen as my skill, so I’m finally remodeling it from scratch since it’s been so long, and get that bad-boy looking legit.

Anyways, I wanted to give anyone who visits the site an update, just to know what’s up, and what’s going on. There will be a lot more to come!

As for the Blender App, it’s starting to get very close, and when you see what it is, and what it does, you’ll be happy I made the sacrifice; that is if you are a Blender user. I’m sure I’ll write something to help with Krita at some point as well. 😉

Why Being a Blender User is So Awesome!

blender_logo_socketEvery day I work with users of all kinds, and the Blender open-source business model isn’t fully understood. Have you ever wondered, how is something “Free” is so awesome, and able to do so many different things? How is this software able to do more than your average competitor software, and then some? So with those questions in your mind, I wanted to talk about how Blender makes itself so awesome, and how anyone can make Blender better!

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Getting Started with Procedural Textures

If it’s one thing that was hard for me to grasp when learning Blender, was not just the node system, but creating my very own textures the way I wanted to create them. So, to remedy that issue for others, there is now a new tutorial on Getting Started with Procedural Textures.

Here’s the finished material with some additions: Simple Wood Material  (Stand provided by Blender Foundation)

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