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Blender Cloud

Yet another resource that is almost mandatory for a new Blender user, is the Blender Cloud. In my situation, I wanted to help the Blender Foundation, but at the same time I couldn’t justify the $25/month donation, at least not at the time. It’s almost as if they knew new users experiencing this dilemma. Blender Cloud was introduced earlier this year, giving users the ability to pay a subscription to gain access to a large library of tutorials, and open projects.

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[Workshops] BlenderCookie: Mastering Modeling In Blender

If you’ve read any of my other articles, you have probably heard me talk about an awesome workshop, that I wouldn’t know where I would be today, had I not attended it. This is that workshop, BlenderCookie’s Mastering Modeling In Blender Workshop, instructed by Jonathan Williamson. This workshop was made into an “instant access” workshop earlier this year, with a reduced price anyone can consider, as well as hours upon hours of video tutorials you couldn’t find anywhere else.

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Artistic Touch vs. Application

As I’ve continued to try to absorb as much information as possible in the 3D world, there is a distinct barrier that stands in front of many people wanting to learn. While this is an understandable issue, many video tutorials discuss the application used to create various 3D scenarios, but usually leave out the artistic view needed when creating, well, anything.

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Welcome to 3D Esprit!

Like almost anything I become immersed with, I usually end up wishing someone would write about certain aspects, and usually find myself doing it myself. This is exactly what this blog is about, completely covering 3D arts, specifically for newer users. In other words, I will mention various different resources for modeling, texturing, lighting, etc sertraline drug. A lot of it will be talked about with Blender and Photoshop in mind, but I’ll be sure that all articles go over the methods, so that it can relate to any software you may use.

The entire point is to learn about 3D art, and how to apply it as best as possible, without having to figure it out yourself via trial and error. Not only that, I will have various links to what I find to be the best resources I’ve found for the industry (I could give you a long list of sites I wish I never wasted my time with).

From time to time, I will create some videos covering different areas of 3D art, so that anyone can easily figure out what they need to do next regardless of what type of art they plan to create (game assets, game environments, photorealistic, animations, special effects, sculpting, and more).

So I hope that you enjoy site, and find it to be a great starting point to help immerse yourself in the community and training offered for any and all 3D arts!