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Blender: Everything Sculpt Brushes

It’s about time that I finally made another video, and to add to it all, one about the different sculpt brushes in the Blender Sculpt Tool, as well as using the Brush curve, Stroke Methods, the Mask, and well as Planes! You can check it out on the 3DEsprit Youtube Channel now.

3DEsprit: Everything Sculpt Brushes

Blender Sculpt Tool Brushes
Reviewed by DBrown on.
Summary:Learning the different brushes, as well as the different ways to use them with the given options

Description:How to use the different brushes in Blender's Sculpt Tool
Rating: 5

Installing the Contrib/Testing Addons in Blender

Sometimes it may seem odd when you realize some of the addons you remember having in Blender, no longer existing in your addon list. Addons like Atomic Blender, Auto Save Render, BProjection, Edge Tools, Extra Tools, Quickprefs, and a lot more. A lot of the time, this is because those addons were part of the “testing” branch, which are not packaged with the Blender releases, but are with release candidates, test builds, and daily builds. Let’s go ahead and look at how reinstall these addons, so that Blender can use them once again. To victory!

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Blender Addons Install
Reviewed by DBrown on.
Summary:Easy to install addons for Windows, OSX, and Linux. Get all of your addons back.

Description:How to install all of the contrib testing addons in Blender
Rating: 5

Krita 3.0 – Animation

Can you believe it? Krita 3.0 is almost here, and with goodies! Even with 3.0 Alpha coming out very soon, make sure to update Krita itself, as the latest greatest version is now 2.9.10, which offers quite a bit already, like optimizations for AMD systems; no more lagging for anyone now! Anyways, let’s take a look at a certain new features we will see in 3.0; animation!

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Krita 2.9.10 Animation Beta
Reviewed by DBrown on.
Summary:Simple and Easy to Use Animation Tools

Description:Testing Krita's New Animation Release
Rating: 5

CG Cookie : An Alternative Education Hub

I know in previous articles, like the How to Become a Professional Artist With Educational Sites article, and at the time CG Cookie was providing a lot less than it is now. Granted, at the time of that writing, they had thousands of videos covering many different digital art techniques for 2D, 3D, and Game Development. Since this summer, they have changed the way they wanted the company to move forward. With that said, I want to really go into that in depth, as I feel anyone reading this will appreciate being informed. Anyways, let’s get to it!

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CG Cookie
Reviewed by Dennis Brown (3D Esprit) on.
Summary:CG Cookie has proved to be a whole new way of getting into the game development, and digital art industry, providing training at a very small fraction of the cost of a college tuition.

Description:The New CG Cookie: An Alternative Education Hub
Rating: 5

Blender Procedural Texture: Molten Lava

So, I recently created a new procedural texture, all because someone showed me a lava texture, and I instantly asked myself, “Why did someone post this texture?”. Long story short, it was a texture that left much to be desired, and with that said, I created what I felt to be an exceptional lava texture. So, let’s start looking at how this texture works.

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Blender Lava Procedural Texture
Reviewed by DBrown on.
Summary:Creating lava in Blender with Cycles nodes

Description:How to make lava in Blender Cycles
Rating: 5