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Blender: Sculpting Workflow

Lately, I have been working on a lot of video content, more than written content, all because the topic being discussed would end up being a very long article that would take me so much time to create. Besides that, there have been a lot of Blender artists wondering how some artists are able to get such great detail in a sculpt, simply using the Blender Sculpt Tool. With that, I decided to share my sculpting workflow with everyone.

The tutorial covers how I create my basemesh, and proceed to sculpt the base, while I limit myself so that there isn’t too much detail; a common issue with many new artists as they sculpt. From there, we move on to retopology (without addons), the detail, and then the fine detail click for more info. I’ve found this to be a great workflow, and I believe aspiring 3D sculpture artists will really benefit from this.

Blender Sculpt Tool Sculpting Workflow
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Summary:With this method, you can learn how to create some of the greatest detailed sculpts with Blender, giving ZBrush a run for it's money, literally.

Description:How to create detailed sculpts in Blender, as high as 200 million polygons!
Rating: 5