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I’ve talked about creating this tutorial for so long, I almost forgot when I first had the idea, because so many tutorials ignored so many of these tricks for new users. Most of the time, it had to do with the tutorial before I was able to learn that trick, or actually look deep into Blender, looking for the most obscure options, and finding ways to make them work in my workflow. Anyways, I spent 2 months compiling the list of these tricks, so that I made sure I could share as many as possible. Still, there are still some I forgot, but I’m sure I’ll remember more and share another video. Until then, I hope you enjoy this very lengthy tutorial, sharing a treasure chest full of tricks for new users, and even some moderate users.

Watch the Video HERE

Blender Tricks for New Users
Reviewed by DBrown on.
Summary:Many different tricks ranging from snapping, to proportional editing, as well as baking textures

Description:Learning tricks to model faster and more efficiently in Blender
Rating: 5