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CG Cookie : An Alternative Education Hub

I know in previous articles, like the How to Become a Professional Artist With Educational Sites article, and at the time CG Cookie was providing a lot less than it is now. Granted, at the time of that writing, they had thousands of videos covering many different digital art techniques for 2D, 3D, and Game Development. Since this summer, they have changed the way they wanted the company to move forward. With that said, I want to really go into that in depth, as I feel anyone reading this will appreciate being informed. Anyways, let’s get to it!

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CG CookieReviewed by Dennis Brown (3D Esprit) on.CG Cookie has proved to be a whole new way of getting into the game development, and digital art industry, providing training at a very small fraction of the cost of a college tuition.The New CG Cookie: An Alternative Education Hub Rating: 5

Using Blender For Precise Models

Not long ago someone mentioned that Blender was not good enough to create precise models for printing, and that it lacked the ability of exact measurements. Since then, I’ve been very confused as to why someone would say that. Sure, it’s not a CAD program, but the entire properties panel has lots of precise information about an object.

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Proper Adhesion for FFF/FDM 3D Printers

Another topic I had to figure out the hard way when learning about 3D printing, was making my prints stick to the platform for the best result possible. There are too many references to adhesion where only one part is mentioned, and almost never have an explanation. There are too many of these instances where experimenting is the only answer, and that is what this write-up remedies. Also, we want to model and print, not become engineers and scientists (at least I don’t).

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The Complete Starter’s Guide for 3D Printing Software

The software to use for 3D printing was never laid out for me when I started, and over time I learned more and more about different software I could use to make my printing much easier. To save others from spending time doing the same thing, I wanted to present the different software options for 3D printing.

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The Perfect Slicer for 3D Printing

If you’ve noticed through this blog, I’ve battled through many slicers trying to get the best results from my Printrbot 1405 XL modified 3D printer. I started with Slic3r which did a good job of being a starter slicer as a learned more and more about 3D printing, and Skeinforge which tested that knowledge, as well as made me understand even more about 3D printing. It wasn’t until late last year that I was introduced to another slicer that made me think differently about slicers completely.

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