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Printrbot Simple Skeinforge 3D Printer Slicer Settings

As you may have noticed, there is a lack of Skeinforge settings for Printrbot (at least there were when I looked). Anyways, I’m posting my settings here so that any Printrbot 1405 or 1403 (Simple Metal) owner can have a place to start, and tweak the settings to their own preferences. Since both models use the same hardware, the settings should be just fine for a 1403, except for the bed size which is for a 1405.

If you want more information on where to start on a configuration, explanation of key settings, settings for different filaments, and how to find settings for your specific printer in the firmware, check out my article on Getting Started With Skeinforge.

Full Color 3D Print Models with VRML using Blender for Shapeways

So not very long ago, I presented my first full-color model to Shapeways. Unfortunately, the process wasn’t as painless as I hoped. To keep anyone else from having to deal with such an ordeal, I’m creating a simple tutorial on how to assemble your model for Shapeways submission.

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Getting Started with Skeinforge from Slic3r Using Printrbot 1403/1405

Just recently, I started looking at other slicers for my 3D prints. Slic3r was fine for getting started, and skimming the surface of 3D printing, but once I started printing my own models, and they became much more complex, Slic3r was far from perfect. After asking around, and doing a bit of research, I found that Skeinforge was my best bet. Unfortunately, finding pre-built profiles for Printrbots were almost non-existent. So, to help fix this issue, I’m writing this article on how to start moving over to Skeinforge.

Updated: 08.13.2014

No longer updated, since I found a slicer/controller that gives me full control, and ease of use, all in one simple application. This software is Simplify 3D, so I no longer use anything else.  If you want to “just print”, I would seriously consider investing in this software. 

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3D Printing Slicers and Support

It wasn’t shortly after I built my Printrbot 1405, that I found that printing models with lots of overhangs, wasn’t going to work all the time. While 3D printing can do overhangs fairly well on it’s own, printing straight lines in mid air while cooling to print some overhangs, it wasn’t ideal for many other overhangs. Some overhangs would consist of spots that would have to float on nothing in order to wait for another layer to attach it to the rest of the model. So to remedy this, I had to use supports. When slicing models like this, and adding supports, little did I know there was a lot more to the concept than just adding such to the model.

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[Review] Printrbot Simple 1405 Maker’s Kit

After finally deciding to hop into the 3D Printing market, I started looking at cheap starter 3D printers. After finding quite a few that were fairly cheap, I began asking around for the most recommended 3D printer. This is how I was introduced to Printrbot. Seeing a printer I had to build, was definitely interesting, but the fact that it was much cheaper than the pre-built model made me quite happy with the price.

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