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Printrbot STL and GCode Models

This page is a collection of models for your Printrbot, all converted to gcode. I will link the original STL files, but the GCodes are sliced for the Printrbot 1405.

Some are just calibration prints, and some are replacement parts for the 1405. I will continue to add replacement parts as I find that they need to be replaced. The ones I would suggest to print right away, and even use as calibration prints, are the belt brackets 1125/1126. In less than a week, I found myself printing out 1126 already.

Replacement Parts

Printrbot 1405: 1126 (STL)
Printrbot 1405: 1126 (GCode)

Replacement parts provided by <a href="http://www check it out.thingiverse.com/thing:407389/#files”>Thingiverse.

Calibration Prints

Hollow Cube (STL)
Hollow Cube (GCode)

First Cube (STL)
First Cube (GCode)

Printrbot “Calibration Object” (GCode)

3DEsprit Calibration Model (STL)

NOTE: I did not create any of these models, except the ones with 3D Esprit in the name. The calibration models I found while exploring the Printrbot support site. I do not know the actual owner of each model. If you are the creator of one of these, please let me know, and I will site your work.

Printrbot Simple Maker Kit v4 1405 Rev D – Addendum and Guide

After assembling my Printrbot Simple, and calibrating it to print without issue, I looked back at how much research I had to do to venture to this point. A lot of the time I simply used Google to find the solution to specific issues, and realizing I was spending on average, 20 minutes for each. Not only that, I found myself constantly reviewing the vague build instructions, that seem to cover the previous model, with a few adjustments for the latest model (Revision D).
Most of my answers were user generated solutions, and almost every single issue was said to be remedied
by replacing the firmware. After upgrading my firmware only to find it didn’t cure any issue, I was determined to share my knowledge in hopes to help anyone else working with a Printrbot. The Printrbot is a wonderful printer, but sad that the support lacks so much in terms of helping people new to the 3D printing world, especially when their product is in fact the pinnacle of “new user printers”. So in this article, I will cover everything you need to know before you build it, or after you receive a pre-built model. Keep in mind, this article will cover a lot of information about the Simple Version 4 Revision D 1405, but the overall knowledge of parts, and use of the software can carry over to the other models.

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