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Articles related to the Blender software

Hardware in Blender and Cycles

One of the most asked questions from new users of Blender, is what hardware is best to get the best results from cycles. So many people have been lead to believe that their hardware seriously impacts their use, but do not understand that it does not impact them near as much as they think. A lot of professional artists use pre-built systems, or even laptops to create most of their models. There are only a few hardware changes that can benefit Blender, but a lot of performance comes from knowing how to configure Blender.

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Blender Cloud

Yet another resource that is almost mandatory for a new Blender user, is the Blender Cloud. In my situation, I wanted to help the Blender Foundation, but at the same time I couldn’t justify the $25/month donation, at least not at the time. It’s almost as if they knew new users experiencing this dilemma. Blender Cloud was introduced earlier this year, giving users the ability to pay a subscription to gain access to a large library of tutorials, and open projects.

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