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Cosmos Laundromat – First Cycle

Just like any other Blender Foundation short, the most recently released Cosmos Laundromat: First Cycle, has shown the world the capabilities of Blender. Not only that, there will be more from this series in the near future.

It wasn’t until the end that I noticed my name in the credits for sponsors sertraline pill. While it’s not for anything spectacular, it’s nice to know my Blender Cloud subscription helped fund this project.  If you haven’t checked out Blender Cloud, you need to now!

How to Become a Professional Artist With Educational Sites

So, there are lots of sites all around to learn new and better practices for digital art. As I moved from one site to another, I found quite a few more, and each one taking me to a whole new level of art. So now I can look back at what various sites have given me, and what other sites will bring me closer to a professional standing. With all of these sites, it is more than possible to become a professional solely from subscription based sites, and workshops, completely avoiding college all together. With both 2D and 3D, once you learn the basics and fundamentals, as well as your software, it’s all about applying your style, and then learning from others, mainly professionals. So, I wanted to point out all of these awesome sites, what you can learn, how much they cost, and what you can learn from each one of them. I’ll also point out the few places I was not happy about at all, and if you are from those organizations, you can take a lesson from the other sites.

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New Sketchy Wallpaper Site

So the new site wallpart dot com, a site that simply pulls images off of facebook, imgur, and various other social media sites, turns the images into merchandise. The site is written to do this automatically, without the owner’s consent or knowing, and of course without royalties. The domain registration has been hidden, and that’s usually a good sign that the owner is up to no good. To add, the IP address resolves to an ISP address, and the DNS handled by a Dynamic DNS service; in other words, it’s some kid running out of his mother’s basement. If you are an artist with their art on social media (of course you do), you can almost count on your art being sold there somewhere.

Many people from CGSociety have been working towards shutting down the site via petition, but an abuse ticket can be filed through the ISP at abuse@ripe.net or call +31205354444 . When doing such, mention that you are reporting abuse from wallpart dot com, and that it is selling digital images unlawfully.

Anyways, I’m sure there are lots of these sites, but one less is always great.

Using Pixar’s Renderman 20 in Blender 2.75

Yes, you read it right. Since the release of Pixar’s Renderman 20, a plugin was created for Blender to finally use this awesome render engine. Thanks to Brian Savery, creator of the PRMan Blender addon, with the help of Mike Ebb’s code from the 3delight project, the Renderman/Blender connection was made. Since I found out about this today, and being my birthday I said, “To hell with you work! I’m playing with Renderman!”.

First, a quick setup. Go to the Renderman site, register, download the installer, install R20. Download the PRMan ZIP file, extract the files, and place in the Blender addons folder. Once both are done, fire up Blender, go to User Preferences, and turn on the PRMan addon. One thing to note, if you use an existing project, get rid of all of the nodes, both in materials and world. You will just crash Blender when you Render (usual Render button). There, like I said, quick setup. Now let’s jump into this pile of fluffy pillows!

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Moving Forward with my 3D Art

When I first started 3D modeling, my time was consumed with workshops, and tutorials, learning as much as I could about Blender. The main places that I hung out was CGCookie, and of course Blender Guru. Even after hearing Andrew Price answer the a question of what he would have told himself when he started if he knew what he knows now, and the answer being “Don’t limit yourself to the places that only talk about Blender, and go look at other places like CGSociety”, I still didn’t let it sink in enough. I continued to work on all the tutorials for 2D rendering, 3D rendering, 3D sculpting, and everything else I wanted to do. It wasn’t until recently, I looked back at my art, and found that my standards were too low.

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