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Learning More About The Art of 3D

Glex Alexandrov Creative Shrimp

The cooky and genius Gleb Alexandrov from Creative Shrimp

If it’s one thing that is not easy to find, it is a place that stops focusing on “how to” , and simply discuss the art of creating great 3D. This is something I certainly hope to create someday, but let’s be honest it’s definitely not there yet. So until then, I want to point your attention to the great works of Gleb Alexandrov, and his site Creative Shrimp.

If you haven’t heard the name Gleb Alexandrov before, you certainly want to know it now. He’s been a 3D artist for over a decade, and uses both 3D and 2D together to make breathtaking pieces. It was when he presented his piece Her Majesty’s Zepplin’s back in 2013, making everyone gasp in amazement, and even more so when they found out it was created in Blender, that his presence was something very hard for any user to ignore.  Since that point his site has been a great window into the methods used to create these brilliant pieces, as well as future projects, and coffee (yep!).

Her Majesty's Zepplins

Gleb Alexandrov’s Her Majesty’s Zepplins 2013


His site is not like any other, and this is why I felt the absolute need to mention it. One thing that makes his site different is instead of being presented with tutorials that hold your hand through the entire process, he simply discusses the key points, and then leaves the rest for you to take on. This method is perfect, because even if you don’t know the features used, you spend your time experimenting knowing “it can do that”, and learn what other effects it may have, instead of being lead through a straight path to a single point. Of course this is when it is a tutorial of sorts, but the rest of the time he’s discussing great ways to use certain methods to create various art styles, leaving you mind to explode with ideas of your very own.

Overall the site mixed with his podcast, you can finally add some art to your 3D workflow, and spend more time thinking about your pieces, and less about the technical side of it all. It is definitely a site I recommend to any 3D artist, and even 2D artists; no matter what it’s filled with inspiring content.

Moving Forward with my 3D Art

When I first started 3D modeling, my time was consumed with workshops, and tutorials, learning as much as I could about Blender. The main places that I hung out was CGCookie, and of course Blender Guru. Even after hearing Andrew Price answer the a question of what he would have told himself when he started if he knew what he knows now, and the answer being “Don’t limit yourself to the places that only talk about Blender, and go look at other places like CGSociety”, I still didn’t let it sink in enough. I continued to work on all the tutorials for 2D rendering, 3D rendering, 3D sculpting, and everything else I wanted to do. It wasn’t until recently, I looked back at my art, and found that my standards were too low.

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Spectrum Fantastic Art Live: For The Very First Time

sfal-logoIt was only last Friday, that I was driving up to a convention, with expectations of visiting with an artist I knew somewhat personally, meet a few people, and maybe look at what other artists create.  Upon entering the Convention Center in Kansas City, I walked into the conference hall packed with artists.  I roamed around, and did a quick glance at all the booths, each covered in the art of the artist or studio that claimed the space.  While it felt like I was in any other convention, it didn’t take very long to find out I was completely wrong.

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Artist Etiquette

I wanted to write this simple little article, because there are some points to take into consideration when dealing with the artistic community. I thought I knew how to be courteous, and kind when I joined in, and I did, but there were some things I didn’t know about receiving critique. In this article I’m going to cover it all, and what to expect from an artistic community, and what to do when someone else doesn’t follow the simple etiquette. Click Me to free me from this line! “Artist Etiquette” »

Managing and Making Time

So many times I’ve talked to other inspiring artists about studies, or just sitting down and working on something new, almost always I’m presented with the famous line, “I do not have enough time to”. Generally, this means that the person doesn’t know how to make time, or realizes how much time is wasted in a day. In this article, I’m going to go over my daily routine, as well ways to optimize your schedule.

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