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Bye Blender Sequencer, Hello Shotcut

So, if you didn’t know already, each and every Youtube video created by 3DEsprit, was created in Blender. In other words, all of the editing was done there. Until recently, rendering in Blender was working out ok, until I rendered the Crescent Rose tutorials, as well as the Krita tutorials. Both of these sets of videos were rendered overnight, as each set had over 5 or more videos to render. In Blender this was not a task that was fast, and at times, there were issues with frame drops, audio loss, and audio and video syncing issues. After rendering the Krita shortcuts video 3 times, and the Blender Tricks video once only to find out it needed to be done again, it was time to change software.

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How to Become a Professional Artist With Educational Sites

So, there are lots of sites all around to learn new and better practices for digital art. As I moved from one site to another, I found quite a few more, and each one taking me to a whole new level of art. So now I can look back at what various sites have given me, and what other sites will bring me closer to a professional standing. With all of these sites, it is more than possible to become a professional solely from subscription based sites, and workshops, completely avoiding college all together. With both 2D and 3D, once you learn the basics and fundamentals, as well as your software, it’s all about applying your style, and then learning from others, mainly professionals. So, I wanted to point out all of these awesome sites, what you can learn, how much they cost, and what you can learn from each one of them. I’ll also point out the few places I was not happy about at all, and if you are from those organizations, you can take a lesson from the other sites.

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Using Pixar’s Renderman 20 in Blender 2.75

Yes, you read it right. Since the release of Pixar’s Renderman 20, a plugin was created for Blender to finally use this awesome render engine. Thanks to Brian Savery, creator of the PRMan Blender addon, with the help of Mike Ebb’s code from the 3delight project, the Renderman/Blender connection was made. Since I found out about this today, and being my birthday I said, “To hell with you work! I’m playing with Renderman!”.

First, a quick setup. Go to the Renderman site, register, download the installer, install R20. Download the PRMan ZIP file, extract the files, and place in the Blender addons folder. Once both are done, fire up Blender, go to User Preferences, and turn on the PRMan addon. One thing to note, if you use an existing project, get rid of all of the nodes, both in materials and world. You will just crash Blender when you Render (usual Render button). There, like I said, quick setup. Now let’s jump into this pile of fluffy pillows!

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Spectrum Fantastic Art Live: For The Very First Time

sfal-logoIt was only last Friday, that I was driving up to a convention, with expectations of visiting with an artist I knew somewhat personally, meet a few people, and maybe look at what other artists create.  Upon entering the Convention Center in Kansas City, I walked into the conference hall packed with artists.  I roamed around, and did a quick glance at all the booths, each covered in the art of the artist or studio that claimed the space.  While it felt like I was in any other convention, it didn’t take very long to find out I was completely wrong.

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[Workshops] Blender Guru: Architecture Academy

I think it’s finally time to start reviewing the Andrew Price’s Architecture Academy. I’ve been in this course for half a year now, and I’m just getting to the point of finishing. Granted, I had a few months where the Academy took less priority than other tasks, but just last month I started back again, putting my nose to the grindstone, and knocking out 6 weeks worth of Academy. So I think it’s safe to say I can make a fairly solid article about Blender Guru’s Architecture Academy.

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