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Finally returning for 2017!

Hello everyone! You may have noticed, but things are starting to take a much nicer shape around here, and slowly getting rid of the stench of laziness w5gfbnm. I’m currently getting ready for the Christmas break to get some videos made for the new year. Thanks to the new changes of YouTube, and a huge thanks to all of you who have given great feedback as well as shared kind words through the comments,  I have been working very hard on revamping 3DEsprit.

At this very moment I’m working on a new logo, a much nicer Esprit, a whole plan for a new format of videos, as well as a stack of Blender and Krita courses to finish writing, recording, and editing! I have to say I cannot wait until I release these, especially the Krita 3 content. So get ready for things to become a lot better!

Thank you again!


3DEsprit : Where Have You Been? Are you Dead?

Anyone that has noticed a decline in content lately probably wonders, “What’s up?”. Well, at the start of the year, I started working on my Blender Application (I have yet to release details), and I have been working on it 80% of the time. With that, CGCookie, my day job, the kids, and family, you can imagine the lack of free time I have, because there really isn’t any at all. Even with the lack of time, I have been trying to get some new video releases ready to go out on a monthly basis. A matter of fact, the past week I have been working on getting both the 2.78 release video, and Grease Pencil 2.0 Tutorial ready!

After that, I will go right back into programming mode, while using some free time to finally finish the stupid Esprit Model. I cannot believe it is still on the site, and YouTube channel, as it is in no way a reflection of my skill, but a reflection of my complete laziness; a lot like the site’s CSS. So much to do! Regardless I’m sure it’s seen as my skill, so I’m finally remodeling it from scratch since it’s been so long, and get that bad-boy looking legit.

Anyways, I wanted to give anyone who visits the site an update, just to know what’s up, and what’s going on. There will be a lot more to come!

As for the Blender App, it’s starting to get very close, and when you see what it is, and what it does, you’ll be happy I made the sacrifice; that is if you are a Blender user. I’m sure I’ll write something to help with Krita at some point as well. 😉

Krita 3.0 – Animation

Can you believe it? Krita 3.0 is almost here, and with goodies! Even with 3.0 Alpha coming out very soon, make sure to update Krita itself, as the latest greatest version is now 2.9.10, which offers quite a bit already, like optimizations for AMD systems; no more lagging for anyone now! Anyways, let’s take a look at a certain new features we will see in 3.0; animation!

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Wacom Intuos Tablets: New Owner’s Tips

I just now received my new Intuos Small (CTH480), and upon setting it up, I could not find how to turn off the touch pad option, and found that it didn’t come with any nibs. After searching around for the answer to how to turn off the touch pad, I came across a couple of gems I felt needed to be shared. I will share this in a single post since it is so little information, but as a new owner, spending over an hour to find these answers was a bit too much.

Intuos S2 Touchpad Switch

The invisible switch which turns of the Touch Pad

First, the touch option is no longer in the Wacom Preferences, like it is with the Bamboo Capture (CTH470).  So for those of you reading the Wacom Forums, where people are talking about disabling USB devices, STOP. Instead of being an actual setting, the tablet has an actual switch to turn it on and off.

Intuos CTH480S2 extra nibs

Intuos Extra Nibs located on the back of the middle cover

After learning about the switch, I found out that there were nibs! Of course, it was some place hidden, and I had even passed by them as I was switching parts around, but still did not see them. In the middle panel on the back of the tablet, is the sliding compartment, that allows to you change the canvas pen holder, and the slot to remove your nibs. If you look on that back of the compartment cover, you’ll notice some nibs attached to it.

Anyways, that is it! I know this is very elementary to many, but after searching around for an hour, and not finding anything but wrong answers, I thought it was time to populate the internet with some right answers for once. Enjoy!


Getting Started With Krita Tutorials

You know, I was starting to write a guide to using Krita, but as I started to outline the guide, I realized it would be one large guide. There is no way I could create a single article to cover all of the cool things about Krita. Instead, I’m going to record a series of tutorials, and throw them up on the 3DEsprit Youtube page.

If you’re like me, you may prefer a written tutorial instead, and with that, I plan to also create a written version of each tutorial. So, regardless if you prefer a video, or written tutorial, you will have the option of both. Before anyone asks, no, I will not create PDF or JPEG tutorials so you can easily distribute them as your own; please go to hell.