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Saving Renders in Blender So You Can Finish Composition Later

How many times have you dreaded the render time before finally doing the composition for a piece? So many people say, “Just save the image, and open them in the compositor later”, but what if you have multiple passes, multiple layers, and object/material passes you want to take advantage of? Well, a PNG or JPEG isn’t going to give you that option at all. So, you’re probably like me, you wake up start the render right away, and hope it’s done after you finished waking up. Well, at least that’s how I use to be, but not anymore. Instead I take my time waking up, then do my composition with everything available. Ready to find out how?

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[Update] New Art Coming!

Hello viewers!

I know that no one really knows me personally, but I’m someone that fills their plate full like a glutenous slob, and eats until they explode. Regardless of the disgusting image I’ve now put in your head, my plate is about to become empty enough, that I will be posting art on a weekly basis. Art will be posted to Deviant Art, CGCookie, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and a few other places.

Also I will be adding a few more tutorials on the 3DEsprit Youtube channel, one being Blender Sculpting Tips where I’ll show you lots of extra tips to create organic and hard surfaced sculpts, and Blender Modeling Tricks which will contain every single awesome trick I’ve learned in the past year to help speed up my workflow. Oh yeah, if you didn’t notice, I did create a quick and dirty Blender Sculpting Crash Course for anyone wanting to jump right into 3D modeling with little to no knowledge.

[Update] Too Much Work Not Enough Art

It has been so long since I have written about anything on here, even when there is so much to talk about. Since the last update, I have learned a lot of new artistic trades, as well as gone through another workshop, Concept Cookie’s I Can Draw Anything, and even started Chris Oatley’s Secret Lab. Of course, this is not about that, but will give an idea of what I will talk about eventually. There is just isn’t enough time in my life to write about it all.

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Welcome to 3D Esprit!

Like almost anything I become immersed with, I usually end up wishing someone would write about certain aspects, and usually find myself doing it myself. This is exactly what this blog is about, completely covering 3D arts, specifically for newer users. In other words, I will mention various different resources for modeling, texturing, lighting, etc sertraline drug. A lot of it will be talked about with Blender and Photoshop in mind, but I’ll be sure that all articles go over the methods, so that it can relate to any software you may use.

The entire point is to learn about 3D art, and how to apply it as best as possible, without having to figure it out yourself via trial and error. Not only that, I will have various links to what I find to be the best resources I’ve found for the industry (I could give you a long list of sites I wish I never wasted my time with).

From time to time, I will create some videos covering different areas of 3D art, so that anyone can easily figure out what they need to do next regardless of what type of art they plan to create (game assets, game environments, photorealistic, animations, special effects, sculpting, and more).

So I hope that you enjoy site, and find it to be a great starting point to help immerse yourself in the community and training offered for any and all 3D arts!