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Blender: Sculpting Workflow

Lately, I have been working on a lot of video content, more than written content, all because the topic being discussed would end up being a very long article that would take me so much time to create. Besides that, there have been a lot of Blender artists wondering how some artists are able to get such great detail in a sculpt, simply using the Blender Sculpt Tool. With that, I decided to share my sculpting workflow with everyone.

The tutorial covers how I create my basemesh, and proceed to sculpt the base, while I limit myself so that there isn’t too much detail; a common issue with many new artists as they sculpt. From there, we move on to retopology (without addons), the detail, and then the fine detail click for more info. I’ve found this to be a great workflow, and I believe aspiring 3D sculpture artists will really benefit from this.

Blender Sculpt Tool Sculpting Workflow
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Summary:With this method, you can learn how to create some of the greatest detailed sculpts with Blender, giving ZBrush a run for it's money, literally.

Description:How to create detailed sculpts in Blender, as high as 200 million polygons!
Rating: 5

Minecraft 3D Skin Creator with Blender

I was actually looking to do a few Minecraft-based tutorials, and realized that there was not a great way to create the skins for these characters. So, to remedy that, I made a setup in Blender allowing anyone to paint textures for a Steve or Alex model. The setup allows you to create both with a Skin and Overlay portion, taking advantage of the entire texture space, and when done, you can save the image and it exports as a perfect Minecraft character texture!

Minecraft 3D Skin Creator Preview

Minecraft 3D Skin Creator in Blender, painting the map in 3D and 2D.

You can learn how I created this setup in the following Youtube video:

Turning Blender Into the 3D Minecraft 1.8 Skin Creator

You can also learn how to use this setup to create and export your skins in the video:

How to Create Skins with the Blender 3D Minecraft 1.8 Skin Creator

Lastly, you can download the Blender setup here, with some added additions shown in the 1.8 Skin Creator use tutorial:



NOTE: This is the first release, so if there is something you wish was different or better, let me know, and I’ll try to make it happen. 🙂

Minecraft 1.8 3D Skin Creator in Blender
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Summary:This Creator allows anyone to create skins quickly efficiently, and allow them to see the progress as they create.

Description:A great free 3D solution for creating Minecraft Skins. No more pesky pixel-by-pixel creation, and create with effects by default.
Rating: 5

Blender: Everything Sculpt Brushes

It’s about time that I finally made another video, and to add to it all, one about the different sculpt brushes in the Blender Sculpt Tool, as well as using the Brush curve, Stroke Methods, the Mask, and well as Planes! You can check it out on the 3DEsprit Youtube Channel now.

3DEsprit: Everything Sculpt Brushes

Blender Sculpt Tool Brushes
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Summary:Learning the different brushes, as well as the different ways to use them with the given options

Description:How to use the different brushes in Blender's Sculpt Tool
Rating: 5

PBR/PBS Textures in Blender

Still, there isn’t much said in reference to using PBR textures in Blender, but I wanted to point out that is can be done in a fairly simple manner.  We talked about creating PBR textures for Blender, but I didn’t go into great detail as to how and why. So, to help remedy that issue, I now have a tutorial showing you how to take PBR textures from GameTextures.com, and use them in Blender.

PBR Textures in Blender

Needless to say, this will probably be obsolete when Blender does get true PBR support, but for now, we can still get some great materials with Physically Based Rendering textures.

EDIT: I made some very new user mistakes in the video on the setup. Here’s my current PBR setup in Blender:


Latest PBR setup. Click to see full-size image.

Physically Based Rendering in Blender
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Summary:Using RGB textures in Cycles to create a PBR material

Description:How to create PBR materials in Blender
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Blender Tricks

I’ve talked about creating this tutorial for so long, I almost forgot when I first had the idea, because so many tutorials ignored so many of these tricks for new users. Most of the time, it had to do with the tutorial before I was able to learn that trick, or actually look deep into Blender, looking for the most obscure options, and finding ways to make them work in my workflow. Anyways, I spent 2 months compiling the list of these tricks, so that I made sure I could share as many as possible. Still, there are still some I forgot, but I’m sure I’ll remember more and share another video. Until then, I hope you enjoy this very lengthy tutorial, sharing a treasure chest full of tricks for new users, and even some moderate users.

Watch the Video HERE

Blender Tricks for New Users
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Summary:Many different tricks ranging from snapping, to proportional editing, as well as baking textures

Description:Learning tricks to model faster and more efficiently in Blender
Rating: 5