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Bye Blender Sequencer, Hello Shotcut

So, if you didn’t know already, each and every Youtube video created by 3DEsprit, was created in Blender. In other words, all of the editing was done there. Until recently, rendering in Blender was working out ok, until I rendered the Crescent Rose tutorials, as well as the Krita tutorials. Both of these sets of videos were rendered overnight, as each set had over 5 or more videos to render. In Blender this was not a task that was fast, and at times, there were issues with frame drops, audio loss, and audio and video syncing issues. After rendering the Krita shortcuts video 3 times, and the Blender Tricks video once only to find out it needed to be done again, it was time to change software.

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Blender 2.76 Features

If you haven’t noticed already, <a href="http://www view publisher site.blender.org/download/”>Blender 2.76 RC2 has been released, and is it ever filled with awesome updates! To start ATI support continues to grow, including working on the new OSX release. Also, a huge improvement to viewport performance, making Blender work faster than ever.

Here is a quick list of new features: FBX & OBJ Import/Export improvements, Viewport Performance, AMD/ATI OpenCL Support, Edge Offset, Planar Faces (Flatten Faces), Seamless Tiling Sculpting, Curve Select Similar, Sequencer Text, Auto Offset, Increment Snapping, Point Density (Voxel Texture), Freestyle (NPR) Stroke Modifiers, and of course OpenSubDiv. Phew! How is that for a release?

Now, you may be wondering, “How do I use all of these features? Well, I’m glad you asked. Feel free to check out my Blender 2.76 Features video, where I show these features, and how to use them.

RWBY Crescent Rose in Blender Tutorial Series

Crescent Rose Tutorial Series LogoIt’s finally here! The first part of my Crescent Rose Scythe series. If you ever wanted to know how to model one of the most intricate weapons from the animation RWBY, and also wanted to animate it, now is your chance. You can now view it on the 3DEsprit Youtube channel. More specifically, you can go directly to the RWBY Crescent Rose Series Playlist. While you are there, don’t forget to subscribe, because this is only one series out of two that will be made for this model.


You will need this concept for the tutorial. (Right-click, Save As..). Well, I guess you don’t need it, but it will make things a lot easier.

2D Rendering in Texture Paint Mode

So the tutorial is finally done! If you were wanting to learn how to do 2D rendering in a 3D view, specifically in Blender, you are in the right place. There are all sorts of goodies to get you started, and expect some timelapse videos very soon showing this process being used to create asset textures.

Click that link below for all the juicy information you’re looking for.

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Sculpting in Blender: Crash Course

Working with a lot of 2D artists each day, there is a lot of talk about 3D helping with proportion, lighting, and of course concepts overall. Now if you are a 2D artist, you may find that 3D modeling software to be very daunting. For this reason alone, I created a Blender Sculpting Crash Course, allowing anyone without any knowledge of 3D modeling, to jump right into it in about 30 minutes. There is no reason to learn a lot about 3D modeling if you are simply wanting to use it as a resource to help guide your 2D art. Anyways, you can start learning by watching the video below:



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