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[Workshops] Blender Guru: Architecture Academy

I think it’s finally time to start reviewing the Andrew Price’s Architecture Academy. I’ve been in this course for half a year now, and I’m just getting to the point of finishing. Granted, I had a few months where the Academy took less priority than other tasks, but just last month I started back again, putting my nose to the grindstone, and knocking out 6 weeks worth of Academy. So I think it’s safe to say I can make a fairly solid article about Blender Guru’s Architecture Academy.

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[Workshops] BlenderCookie: Mastering Modeling In Blender

If you’ve read any of my other articles, you have probably heard me talk about an awesome workshop, that I wouldn’t know where I would be today, had I not attended it. This is that workshop, BlenderCookie’s Mastering Modeling In Blender Workshop, instructed by Jonathan Williamson. This workshop was made into an “instant access” workshop earlier this year, with a reduced price anyone can consider, as well as hours upon hours of video tutorials you couldn’t find anywhere else.

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