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New Sketchy Wallpaper Site

So the new site wallpart dot com, a site that simply pulls images off of facebook, imgur, and various other social media sites, turns the images into merchandise. The site is written to do this automatically, without the owner’s consent or knowing, and of course without royalties. The domain registration has been hidden, and that’s usually a good sign that the owner is up to no good. To add, the IP address resolves to an ISP address, and the DNS handled by a Dynamic DNS service; in other words, it’s some kid running out of his mother’s basement. If you are an artist with their art on social media (of course you do), you can almost count on your art being sold there somewhere.

Many people from CGSociety have been working towards shutting down the site via petition, but an abuse ticket can be filed through the ISP at abuse@ripe.net or call +31205354444 . When doing such, mention that you are reporting abuse from wallpart dot com, and that it is selling digital images unlawfully.

Anyways, I’m sure there are lots of these sites, but one less is always great.