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3D Esprit Marketplace

The 3D Esprit marketplace. The black market of 3D models. Well, maybe not, but the picture shows it like that.

This will be the page where I link various models and such I have for sale in different marketplaces. Expect this to become very large, very soon. Until that time, have you every played Everquest, Everquest 2, or Planetside 2? If so, excellent! If not, grab them, and play them; they are free now.  While playing those games, grab some of my swag in the marketplaces.


  • Staff of the Ancients (with awesome particles)

Everquest 2 (Coming Soon)

Planetside 2

  • Hood Ornament: Wasp
  • Hood Ornament: Shark

These are nothing like what I’m creating today, but it was my first taste of the marketplace blues. Hell, it took at least 8 months before any of them were put into either game after being accepted.  Just enough time for me to look back and wonder why I didn’t do things completely different.

Turbosquid Shop

CGTrader Shop

Assets are slowly flowing, as I work on so many other things at the same time. This page will grow in due time. 😉