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Spectrum Fantastic Art Live: For The Very First Time

sfal-logoIt was only last Friday, that I was driving up to a convention, with expectations of visiting with an artist I knew somewhat personally, meet a few people, and maybe look at what other artists create.  Upon entering the Convention Center in Kansas City, I walked into the conference hall packed with artists.  I roamed around, and did a quick glance at all the booths, each covered in the art of the artist or studio that claimed the space.  While it felt like I was in any other convention, it didn’t take very long to find out I was completely wrong.

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Artist Etiquette

I wanted to write this simple little article, because there are some points to take into consideration when dealing with the artistic community. I thought I knew how to be courteous, and kind when I joined in, and I did, but there were some things I didn’t know about receiving critique. In this article I’m going to cover it all, and what to expect from an artistic community, and what to do when someone else doesn’t follow the simple etiquette. Click Me to free me from this line! “Artist Etiquette” »