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Wacom Intuos Tablets: New Owner’s Tips

I just now received my new Intuos Small (CTH480), and upon setting it up, I could not find how to turn off the touch pad option, and found that it didn’t come with any nibs. After searching around for the answer to how to turn off the touch pad, I came across a couple of gems I felt needed to be shared. I will share this in a single post since it is so little information, but as a new owner, spending over an hour to find these answers was a bit too much.

Intuos S2 Touchpad Switch

The invisible switch which turns of the Touch Pad

First, the touch option is no longer in the Wacom Preferences, like it is with the Bamboo Capture (CTH470).  So for those of you reading the Wacom Forums, where people are talking about disabling USB devices, STOP. Instead of being an actual setting, the tablet has an actual switch to turn it on and off.

Intuos CTH480S2 extra nibs

Intuos Extra Nibs located on the back of the middle cover

After learning about the switch, I found out that there were nibs! Of course, it was some place hidden, and I had even passed by them as I was switching parts around, but still did not see them. In the middle panel on the back of the tablet, is the sliding compartment, that allows to you change the canvas pen holder, and the slot to remove your nibs. If you look on that back of the compartment cover, you’ll notice some nibs attached to it.

Anyways, that is it! I know this is very elementary to many, but after searching around for an hour, and not finding anything but wrong answers, I thought it was time to populate the internet with some right answers for once. Enjoy!