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Who am I?

Boy and his Dog

Cliche photo of artist, maybe with dog, looking a little less crazy, but obviously nuts

This is the page where I tell you all about myself , and what I do, at least that’s seems to be the standard approach. I’m going to go a different route, and dismiss a lot of those formalities. I love what I do, and I do what I love. Plain and simple. I may not be the greatest at what I do, but I continue to learn as much as I can, as I’m in “sponge mode” 24/7. Oh yeah, you can call me Dennis, aka DBrown.

Of course, I’m getting up in my age almost to the hill, with my ambition and passion driving me each day. As far back as I can remember, I was a kid like any other artist, drawing their favorite cartoon heroes, or wanting to learn about animation. Unfortunately, my time didn’t have the internet, and with the lack of resources, could only do so much. At the same time, I was growing up with the video game revolution, and if there was a game I hadn’t played, it hadn’t been made. When it came to crunch time, and making money for myself, computers trumped art, as I just didn’t see a viable way to make money with the other (At that time).

So over a decade later working in IT, seeing how crowdfunding, indie studios, and freelance work dominated the market, it was finally apparent that I could switch back to what I loved more. Something that was not so black & white, not so static, and actually tests my creativity.  You might not find too much of my work out there yet, but just watching my site, and social media, you’ll see that I would with a lot of digital mediums, and even some digital that cross over into traditional. Yeah, think about that for a second. *grin*

Aside from all of that phoey (Hong Kong Fuey stuck in my head now. May see that in an instagram soon), I’m a little bit crazy, but I will not stop until I can finally create all of my stories. That is one thing I do like about being a bit more “seasoned”, I have a lot of stories, a lot of emotions, and a lot visions to put on different canvases. I’m hoping it won’t be long before I can finally share that. Until then, I’ll continue to talk about my progression in my art endeavor.