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Windows 10 USB Power on Boot Trouble: How to Fix

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Windows 10, I really like it, but damn does it make you work for it

I finally took the plunge, and spent a day fixing my Windows 7 Pro Windows Update, so that I could upgrade to Windows 10. I was amazed by how much I actually enjoyed the OS compared to Windows 8/8.1, but after shutting down, and starting it back up again, I realized that none of my USB devices had any power at all. Apparently this is a common issue for ASUS product users, and I’m writing this today telling you, “YOU DO NOT NEED TO DO A CLEAN INSTALL TO MAKE IT WORK”. If you know me, I’m not one to reinstall my OS. I clean it by hand, and keep it safe. I hate reinstalling apps, redoing my settings, and that’s why I have a backup of my OS drive on another drive. Anyways, let’s get to the meat of this discussion.

So the entire reason for this issue, is because of the AiSuite’s AiCharger+ application. Unfortunately, the application has a driver for the motherboard which Windows 10 blocks for “your safety”. Now this doesn’t seem like a big issue, but it kept me from booting into Safe Mode (BSOD “;(” ), and the Startup Repair was useless. Your only real options are to remote into the system, or use a PS/2 mouse (maybe keyboard, but takes longer, even for shortcut gurus). You want to go to the AiSuite uninstaller, and choose to uninstall the AiCharger+ application. This removes the file AiChargerPlus.sys , which Windows X will block. This not only affects every single god damn USB port, but the SATA controller as well. So, get that crap off there until ASUS fixes it.

Now, before you say, “Well, those aren’t the only options”, I’m going to stop you there. The option I would have used, had I initially known that file was causing the issue, I would have done it pre-upgrade. After the first Windows X upgrade, I ended up cutting the power a couple times while Windows was starting up, just to force it into Startup Recovery. From this, I was able to Restore my Previous Build. This reinstalled my Windows 7 Pro for me, and put me back in working condition. Keep in mind, you do NOT need System Restore to do that. Anyways, back in Win 7 Land, one could simply uninstall the AiCharger+, or after that first Windows X run, when everything actually worked.

So, that’s it. If you have just installed Windows 10, restarted the system, and wonder why the hell none of your USB devices are working, say your keyboard and mouse, making your new Windows 10 system the largest “whirring” paperweight, then you now know why. It’s time to fix it.

ASUS AiCharger Breaking Windows 10
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