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[Workshops] Concept Cookie – I Can Draw Anything

I can’t believe it took me so long to finally write this, as I thought I had long ago. Regardless, as it almost time for the 3rd run of this CGCookie workshop, it’s only fair to review it as soon as possible. So, if you follow Tim Vonn Reuden at all, or watch the Concept Cookie Livestream, then you can imagine what sort of things to expect. Of course the workshop gives you so much more foundation, instead of drawing “X”, or lighting “Y”.

I took this workshop last year for it’s first run, and I was absolutely enamored by the concept provided. Each week was a different artistic focus, and a whole new set of homework to do. I spent about 12 hours a week on the homework myself, not because it was hard, but because it pushed me past my comfort zone, and I was learning all sorts of different methods of digital painting in between.

In the middle of the week, the workshop had it’s own livestream, where the 25 students, Tim Vonn Reuden, and Joe Chico would all be in one hangout. The livestream consisted of Tim giving a lecture on the homework, giving critique to the people that finished early, or provided works in progress, and both he and Chico answering any questions any of the artists had about the subject matter, or anything relating to the process.

Questions can still be asked via email, but sometimes it great to see a live visual answer. Speaking of the email, Tim gives each student an email to reach him at, where you can ask questions about concept art, homework, or anything else pertaining to the concept art subject. When you receive an answer back, Tim is really great about making sure you understand the answer, providing examples from pinterest, or his own work. You can also ask questions to your fellow colleagues as well, in the workshop message board. This same board is used to receive and turn in homework, as well as discuss topics with the other students. No matter what, you always have a way to have questions answered, or gather support in the process.

The reason I liked this workshop so much, is that even as a neophyte digital 2D painter, I was able to take this workshop, and excel tremendously. I had a much larger understanding, and the sky was the limit. It wasn’t until after this workshop that I started understanding how fantastic 2D artists created wonderful works of art with digital paint, and get a large amount of realism with it.

If you are a concept artist that is having trouble with the “rendering” portion of your concepts (making 3D with color, highlights, shadows), then I suggest signing up for this workshop before all of the slots are full. It’s a wonderful online workshop, from a reputable company (CGCookie), and an absolutely inspirational instructor to teach you through the entire course.

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